Virtual Ukraine – WAR IN UKRAINE is a continuation of a large project to digitize Ukraine in VR format.

By February 24, 2022, the IDRON studio team, led by the panoramic photographer Dmytro Malyshev, created virtual tours of many interesting locations in Ukraine. These are cultural, historical, natural and tourist locations that we wanted to show to the whole world. With Virtual Ukraine, you can also get a bird’s eye view of Ukrainian cities, or virtually visit unique sites that an average viewer cannot get to in everyday life. For example, the Verkhovna Rada, where the Ukrainian parliament works, the meeting room of the Government of Ukraine, the world’s largest airplane AN-225 Mriya (2016 – “live airplane” and 2022 – “blown up airplane”). As well as the highest panorama in Ukraine on Mount Hoverla or the lowest panorama on the lower floor of the mothballed Soviet nuclear missile launch control center.

On February 24, 2022, everything changed. russia attacked Ukraine. The shocking truth was shattering the worldview. In the 21st century, a great neighbor, who was supposed to guarantee Ukraine’s security under an international treaty, insidiously invaded a peaceful country, wiping out all life on its way.

We couldn’t do nothing! We had to either defend our independence with arms in hand or otherwise help Ukraine in its struggle. We acted on the information front.

Months after the war began, Dmytro Malyshev, using his experience and professional knowledge, began to create this project. It all started with filming the de-occupied territories. Bucha, Irpin, Gostomel and Borodyanka. Makariv and Moshchun and, of course, Kyiv itself.

You can see destroyed multi-storey and private houses, office and shopping centers, hospitals, schools and kindergartens, virtually walk through a burnt-out apartment or basement where Ukrainians lived during the occupation and hid from shelling.

In 2016, we made a full virtual tour of the world’s largest airplane, the AN-225 Mriya. In 2022, Dmytro filmed the destroyed Mriya. Visit the unique and only full virtual tour of this airplane on the web.

Then there were shootings of Chernihiv and Kharkiv regions, Mykolaiv and Volnogorsk, the de-occupied part of Kherson region and the part of Donetsk region that Ukraine keeps under control.

We continue to develop our project. We continue to shoot impressive footage even in life-threatening locations so that the whole world can see the horror that russia has created in Ukraine.

russia is a terrorist country!

Ukraine will win. Glory to Ukraine!